Thursday, December 14, 2017

~ I Let My Younger Siblings Dress Me for a Week~

As promised, here is last week's adventure, where I let three of my six younger siblings pick out each outfit for each day. It was really fun to see what each of them picked out for me, and it was especially interesting how their personalities showed through their outfits.

Let me give a quick introduction of the outfit choosers...
RayRay is the oldest of the three, and her outfit choices (both for me and for herself) are always fun and colorful. Although some of them the didn't match, the ones that did were ones i would wear again.
Buddy is the middle of the three, and as little boys go, his outfits were questionable at best. I still loved each one. Because they showed what his little mind thinks about fashion.
Charlie, the youngest of the three, is a spunky, quiet girl, and her outfit ( she only wanted to pick one, because her patience hasn't developed yet, and she soon lost interest. ~smile~)  her outfit was one of my favorites! 

(along with the outfits I let them take my picture. Some of these will be a bit blurry, but they enjoyed taking them.)

Day One- A day spent at home
RayRay's  thoughts: "These colors didn't match, and that made them match perfectly!"
My thoughts: What is going on here?! ~sheepish grin~ There are three different patterns, and five different colors in once outfit. There is a brown and black striped shirt with a pink and black striped sleeveless shirt over it, and the skirt is navy blue with white polka dot, and she paired it all with a pair of black boots. I haven't worn the pink shirt and polka dot skirt in a long while, so it was kind of fun to wear them again. This is definitely not an outfit I will wear again, but it was fun.


Day two- A day at home (again)
RayRay's thoughts: "This was a new skirt that I wanted to see on you."
My thoughts: Wow! I love this one! I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I am definitely going to war this again soon. It is a navy turtleneck shirt and a khaki skirt with some fleece leggings and my $5 Walmart flats. (which I love!) 


Day three- A cold rainy day
Buddy's thoughts: "I liked it because it was pretty and the heart kind of looked like candy"
My thoughts: The orange skirt and tan sweater combo are something that I wear quite often. This was another favorite. The shirt he is talking about is a gray shirt with an orange and pink flower-heart.


Day four- at home ( this was not one of those busy weeks)
Buddy's thoughts: It was pretty and it matched and it looked good on you!"
My thoughts: I haven't worn this skirt in a long while, and now i see why. I don't like the length or cut of it, but I thought it was cute that he said it suited me.

Day five- Shopping, errands, sleeting, raining.
Charlie's thoughts: " It was cute and I liked it!" 
My thoughts: Let me say, wow! just wow! I might have to let her pick more of my outfits. This skirt was in the back of my closet, and I had forgotten about it until now. I really need to go through my closet more often.

Day six- Cleaning day
RayRays thoughts: " I wanted it to me 'move-around' because we were supposed to clean our rooms that day."
My thoughts: This was a rather comfortable outfit.. one which I will have to wear again! It was really cold ( a whole 40 degrees!) and it was a Saturday meant for inside cleaning, so she knew that I needed this kind of outfit.


Day seven- Sunday at church, and Christmas play practicing.
RayRay's thoughts: "It was cold that day and you needed a dress to wear because we were practicing our Christmas play.."
My thoughts: I hadn't had a  reason to wear this dress since i got it back in the summer, but my resourceful younger sister decided that a normal Sunday was the perfect reason. I added the long sleeve black shirt because she just had the sleeveless dress, and it was very cold that day. I really love this outfit, and was surprised by how warm and comfortable it was.


In conclusion-
I was very surprised by the outfit choices they made. I didn't think they would be able to match and coordinate as well as they did, but boy was I wrong! That being said, I don't think I will be letting them be my personal fashion consultants full time quite yet.
This has been a fun week, but I'm glad  to be picking out my own outfits. 

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