Wednesday, March 28, 2018

~Modest Outfit of the Day. Episode 5~

With the cooler weather still going on, it's high time that Spring comes! Don't you think? Let's have a " Bring on Spring" rally, and maybe we'll get the attention of the weatherman.
Anywho, back to my reason for making this post... Here is my latest outfit.
I shall call it, "I've Got The Spring Blues".

You may remember these ankle boots from this post from February

Please forgive my awkward attempts at nonchalant posing

It was still a little cold, so I layered an undershirt from Walmart for added warmth.

Shirt- Ross for $7.99
Skirt- Thrift store for $2.99
Shoes- Walmart for $5.00
Layered undershirt- Walmart for $1.97

Are you more relaxed with your personal style, or do you like to dress up for every event?
I'm a mix of both. During the week I'm more relaxed in my style choices, but once Friday comes you won't see me in a teeshirt-jean -skirt combo. ~smile~  


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