Friday, January 11, 2019

~The Little Ducklings Go To a Nature Reserve: Part Two~

In the last story, we looked at all the animals of the Nature Reserve, 

this story we will be seeing the farmyard and meet the Three Ladies of the Farmyard.

The Beautiful House stood like a gentle reminder of auld lang syne.. a beacon of remembrance it withstood countless generations of pioneers and farmers, the men, women, and children who forged and formed our nation.
There were Old Tools, used for pressing syrup.
And Old Tools for boiling syrup. 
And Old Tools used for grinding sugar cane to make the syrup.
And many other Old Tools with other uses.
Farm Uses.
Barn Uses,
and Travel Uses

And like a strong rock, these Three Ladies stood stubbornly and strong.
Watching over the farmyard.
Standing strong in the midst of storm.

There was the Old Barn

Complete with Illustrious Pigeons

And a General Store

And a Blacksmith's Shop

Where the Duckling Family Rested; all but Papa Duck, who can be seen looking into the Chicken Pen in the background.

And an Outhouse
Complete with the crescent moon on the door....

...and someone inside using it...
"A little privacy please?"

It was a busy Sunday Afternoon, but a very exciting one. All the Duckling Family were worn out from walking, hungry, and tired, but they were glad they went, for memories made that day were not soon forgotten.

The End.


  1. What a wonderful site! Thank you for the tour. I adore living history. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

    1. I am so very glad you enjoyed the virtual tour!


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