Tuesday, January 08, 2019

~The Little Ducklings Go To a Nature Reserve: Part One~

This past weekend, Papa Duck, Mama Duck, and all the Little Ducklings were invited by Brother and Sister-in-law Duck to accompany them on a walk through a nature reserve.
So, they packed up some water and snacks for the littlest ones, put on their walking shoes, and drove to the Nature Reserve.

It was late afternoon when they arrived, and all the animals were settling down for the evening ahead. 

Sister Barred Owl, and her two brothers were patiently

..for night to fall, for they need the cover of darkness to hunt.

....he didn't like the attention
Mr. Eagle was having his dinner...

Mr. Bobcat was looking for the perfect place to watch the night critters go by.

The Deer family...
....were resting after a busy day of grazing.

Old Man Bison was catching the last of the warm Sun rays.

And the Turkeys were giving out the last gossip of the day.

Skunk was fast asleep, getting a good day's rest
before waking up to a night of busyness 

..all who passed her domain
Mrs. Owl was silently watching...

Sly Fox was catching a few winks, so she would be well
 rested for another early morning hunt.

And the Trio of Coon's...
..were cuddling together, or sunbathing in the last few rays.

Grandfather Owl was keeping watch over all who entered...
Making sure the younger animals were behaving themselves...

So that none could say his Nature Reserve was of bad reputation.

And Beaver was eating his Sunday feast of fruits and vegetables.

End Of Part One.

Please join us next time to see..

The Old Farm the Duckling Family visit on the Nature Reserve,

And the three Ladies of the Farmyards.


  1. So lovely! A fine story to read today whilst I sip my tea.

    1. A good cup of tea is always a comfy addition to a story!


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