Friday, February 01, 2019

~ A Surprise for You~

In this post right here I said that a surprise would be in the near future, and that "near future" is now! The surprise is
... dun.. dun dun... DUN

my YouTube channel I recently started


The Broke Historian

 (you'll also see that I changed my Google name to A.J. The Broke Historian)

I named it "The Broke Historian" because I wanted to show my progress as a self-taught historian, while being "broke". I'm very excited to show what I learn and buy on this journey.
There's not much on there right now, but as time progresses more will be added. I will be "vlogging"  my experiences with Living History events, showing how I made my clothing for those events, and a whole lot more all while I'm on a little or no expenses budget. So, please, go take a look-see!


If you are unable to watch the video, click HERE

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