Sunday, February 18, 2018

~Modest Outfit Of The Day. Episode 3~

For today's outfit, I went for a comfortable but chic look. A classic outfit of  jean paired with  black.

My inspiration for this outfit was the West; sort of a cowboy-ish look.

I also am excited to show you my new boots I got for the warm Spring months at Walmart!

Side note: It was very windy so my hair wasn't behaving itself.

My outfit:
Shirt- Goodwill for $5.00
Skirt- Church-owned thrift store for $2.99
Ankle Boots- Walmart on sale for $5.00

I really love this shirt, but since it's already in the 70's and it's still Winter, I won't be able to wear it much longer. I'm very sad to say goodbye to all my adorable winter button-ups, but I'm so excited for warmer weather. Summer is definitely my season!

Abigail Joy  

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