Friday, February 23, 2018

~ Featured Friend~

I am so excited to share with ya'll my very special friend, Melissa. 
Melissa always has a word of encouragement or advice, and is always in a happy mood. I hope ya'll will take away from this interview as much as I have!

Tell us your salvation story.

I got saved when I was really young, so young that I don't even remember how old I was. I can't give a definite date of the day I ask the Lord to save me, but I do know I did. I can remember being in my mom's room one night listening to her talk to us kids about getting saved, and asking Jesus to save me as she did. I've heard people say that if you can't remember an exact date then you didn't get saved, but I really have to argue against this. I know that I know I am saved, and I can't remember a date! I got saved as a child, but didn't really get active about my faith until I was much older, probably 18 or so, and am still learning and growing in it.

Is God prompting you in a certain direction for your life and your future?
I believe He is. Right now, it seems to be in helping my family and working on my shop, writings and blog. I wish I could say I had a definite plan for the rest of my life, but I've learned it's best not to plan too strictly what you want your future to be, because things change. A year ago, I would have seen myself as a famous blogger with a full time business to run- obviously I haven't reached that yet, haha! So for the time being, I feel I am where God wants me, and I'll see where He leads as I go.

What is one thing you can't live without?
This is hard to answer. My family would be first- aside from the Lord- of course. But yarn makes a pretty close second, I'll be honest. 

Who inspires you to live for God?
My younger siblings. I want to be the best role model for them of what a Godly person lives like. Knowing that they are watching me, and that they are watching the world, and comparing the two, I want to live a life that is truly close to God in all I do so they'll see it is possible and want to as well.

What are you favorite Bible verses and/or story?
Ruth. I love how her story can be applied to everything and teach so much from such a short story. She wasn't concerned with finding fame or fortune, didn't try to make herself known, didn't want to live life her own way. She was obedient, faithful, and loving to Naomi. She was a hard worker and honest with Boaz. She didn't seek to be well known, and yet now she is recorded in Scripture for all to know. What an amazing woman she must have been!

What are you currently doing at this moment in your life?
Trying to get more organized. While I may have a running list of projects, tasks and thoughts going in my mind, outside my mind... things get messy, haha! I'm working on getting my room and work area organized and fancied up, making a custom daily planner for my everyday tasks and long term goals, and generally just trying to catch up on everything I need to. 

What are a few things on your bucket or life-goal list.
Ohh, this is a great question! Well, I guess first would be to see my business and blog take off, for them to grow and do well. Secondly would be to go on a month long road trip to see/meet friends all across the US. I'd LOVE to get one of my many books published, but that's a goal that's going to take more work before I see it accomplished. I'd say getting married would be on the list, but I'm content as I am for the time being. I wouldn't mind getting married, but if it never happens, I won't fret over it- God knows what He is doing, after all!

Tell us something interesting about yourself and your family?
All of my siblings and I were born at the same hospital. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but considering there are seven of us and that one hospital has managed to stay up and running for 26 years... it's a big deal for us, haha! Also, out of all my siblings- who were all born and raised in Georgia- I'm the only one who doesn't like sweet tea, BBQ sauce or hamburgers. 

Do you have any words of encouragement or advice you'd like to share?

Stay faithful to the Lord. Friends may come and go, true love may never come, and your plans might not go as you thought they would, but He never changes. Don't worry about pleasing anyone but Him in life, and you'll be a lot more peaceful and happy for it. Keep pure, keep modest, keep honest, keep humble, keep joyful, keep kind and it'll be easier to keep true friends! 

I really enjoyed these questions and I'm so honored to have been asked to answer them! My blog is and my shop is 

I enjoyed writing these questions, and having Melissa answer them! I hope you got a word of encouragmement from these.
Blessings, Abigail. 

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