Thursday, May 25, 2017

~The Duckling Family Goes to A Museum~

The past weekend, Father Duck and Momma Duck took all the Little Ducklings to a museum. The museum was called Uncle Remus' House. There, they meet some of the creatures from the books of Uncle Remus. Here is a few pictures of the fun time they had.
Br'er Raccoon

There were no pictures allowed to be taken in the museum, so here are some from the outside.

Br'er Rabbit. Born and bred in the briarpatch.
He survives forever by his wit, his courage, and his cunning.

Uncle Remus' House had a replica of a blacksmith shop.

A field tool

A beautiful stone bench.

Some history.

Br'er Bear

Some stone raccoons in a stone birdbath. 

Another field tool.

A pretty little stone walkway.

Mr. Turtle. Or Br'er Turtle, I can't remember.

Both this building....

And this building were renovated and rebuilt slave quarters from before the civil war

Littlest Duckling loved  the turtle.

The wonderful Br'er Rabbit himself.
A delightful little wishing well. 

The Duckling Family has a wonderful adventure, and returned home ready for a good nights rest.

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