Monday, December 05, 2016

~Recycled Mason Jar Band Wreaths~

Recently, I was reading The Enchanting Rose's Blog Post  and this dear sweet lady made these adorable wreaths.
Being crafty as I am (or try to be), I wanted to make them, but soon found out my lack of wreath circles or curtain rings, so I thought to myself, 'Why not make them with mason jar bands?' I tried it, and it worked! So here I am, thrilled to show you how to make your very own

Recycled Mason Jar Band Wreath.

Supplies You'll Need: 
Hot Glue Gun 
Red and green fabric (a yard or less should be good enough. You may need more, or less.) 
Mason Jar bands (they don't have to be new, you can use some old ones you might have laying around the house.)
 Duct Tape. 

Here's what to do. 

The band is too cold to glue anything to, so put a small piece of duct tape on it. 

 photo ABIS TUT 001_zpsgcyx39nw.jpg

 Cut a strip of fabric, red or green,

 photo ABIS TUT 002_zpsqdzqmqa6.jpg

 Glue the fabric onto the tape, and start wrapping the fabric around the band, putting a small dab of glue to seal it in.
   photo ABIS TUT 003_zpsynqi4njf.jpg  photo ABIS TUT 004_zpsrh074nb7.jpg  photo ABIS TUT 005_zps4a7yjzsx.jpg

Once you have the fabric all the way around the band, cut (and glue if necessary.) 

 photo ABIS TUT 006_zpsppjpzkc7.jpg 


 Cut a few fabric strips  photo ABIS TUT 007_zpsmsimt6m4.jpg

 and then cut them all the same desired size.

   photo ABIS TUT 008_zpsetvv0uzf.jpg

Next, start tying the strips to the band. 

 photo ABIS TUT 009_zpscq6pn33u.jpg

After half of the band is covered, take all the ties in one hand, and pull gently. (This brings them closer together, do the same for the other side. You may need to cut more strips.) 

 photo ABIS TUT 010_zpsfbgvsf4n.jpg

Tie some ribbon on one end, and it is finished!

 photo 001_zpstoub4mol.jpg

There you have it! I have already made three of these, so here are some pictures of my other wreaths.

 photo 003_zpsqmjtfaew.jpg photo 012_zpsif3hchx8.jpg

 Thank you for stopping by and reading! I hope you will make these one day. They are very easy to make.

  Abigail Joy.


  1. My dear Abigail, what a delight to see your beautiful wreaths! And my oh my, what a clever idea to use part of the lid from a Mason jar! I just love it :)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and entering the giveaway! I, too, look forward to seeing who the winner will be {[smiles}}

    Merry Christmas, my dear! Hugs and joy to you!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Stephanie! Merry Christmas as well!


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