Friday, March 08, 2019

~ Giveaway Ahead ~

But first, a poll..

Please pick a number and tell me in the comments below..

would you rather receive:

1. a vintage-style greeting card (made by me, customizable with a message)

2. a custom fabric bookmark (or two, or three)

3.  a stiffened fabric necklace pendant (not the chain part, just the pendant)

Leave me a comment with your choice, and the number with the most votes will get chosen for the giveaway. 
Happy Spring (almost)

Abigail Joy. 


  1. That is a hard one!
    But I think #2 would get the most use from me!

  2. I like #3...something to wear sounds wonderful! I love pretty cards too though and know anything you make would be wonderful! Thanks for the fun!


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